Mr America, Volume 7 Number 6

Table of Contents

Editorial - How 4 Nutritional Performers Are Revolutionizing Muscle BuildingJoe Weider5
Gossip From Muscle BeachDick Tyler7
Test Your Strength - The Front SquatGeorge Sheffield9
That Is George OrlandoJoe Weider10
Protein / Carbohydrate Breakfasts For Atomic Age EnergyJoe Weider20
Muscle - Through ChairsEd Theriault23
4 Alltime Greats Tell You Their Speical Muscle Building SecretsLeroy Colbert24
Quizing The Stars On Muscle BuildingClarence Ross28
3 Stars Tell You How To Get Into Contest ShapeBen Weider34
Dip Your Way To Spectacular Upper Body GainsDave Draper38
Beat Digestive FatigueJorge Brisco40
Rate Your Anatomy I.Q.Joe Weider44
Nutrition Tips From The ChampionsEddie Silvestre46
Incredible But TrueJon Twichell53
Thigh Development - The Key To A Prize Winning PhysiqueLarry Scott54
But Look At Them NowLudwig Shusterich61
Mr America Strength Stunt - The Bottle BlasterChuck Sipes98

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