Mr America, Volume 7 Number 8

Table of Contents

Editorial - The New Weider ImageJoe Weider5
Strength Stunt Special - The Brick 'n Broom LiftChuck Sipes6
Why 5 Great Stars Use Only ANgle Training To Build Their CalvesJack Delinger8
5 Meals A Day - 5 Pounds A Week!Larry Scott14
Rock Stonewall - Chicago's Fortress Of Muscle!Joe Weider18
Popping Questions At The Champions - Steve ReevesJoe Weider28
Using The New Dualaction 2-Way Pulley For Spectacular GainsLarry Powers32
The Protein You Never UseHarold Poole36
Quizzing The Stars On Muscle Building40
Muscle Beach GossipDick Tyler76
4 Muscle Building Hints From The Champinos80
Here's How To Build Championship Arms!Dave Draper82
Nutrition Secrets Of The Champions86
But Look At Them Now!100
Incredible But TrueJon Twichell104
Test Your Strength And Power - The Triceps Extension110

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