Mr America, Volume 7 Number 10

Table of Contents

A Monumental Photo Of Herculean Dave Draper5
Gossip From Muscle BeachDick Tyler6
The Revolutionary Larry Scott Biceps Curling Bench!Johnny Maldonado10
Put These Bomb/Blitz Energy Foods To Work For YouJoe Weider14
New Weider Space-Age Apparatus And How It Helped Gene BeloffChet Yorton18
Arthur Saxon - The Iron MasterIan "Mac" Batchelor23
Popping Questions At Alan Stephan24
Splitting The Split RoutineJoe Weider26
Thighs Are The Chain Reaction Growth MusclesBill Pearl32
The 1965 IFBB Mr Tri-State Muscle Show36
You Need More Than Calories To Gain A Pound A DayLarry Scott40
A Memory In StrengthDick Tyler75
4 All-Time Greats Tell You Their Muscle Building Secrets76
Quizzing The Stars On Muscle Building78
Test Your Strength - PulloversChuck Sipes81
Here's How I Built My 54-Inch ChestDave Draper82
Incredible But TrueJon Twichell94
But Look At Them Now!99
Can You LIft A 1 1/4 Pound Plate This Way?112

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