Mr America, Volume 8 Number 3

Table of Contents

Editorial - Power Training . . . Boom Or Bust For BodybuildersJoe Weider4
Our Readers Say7
Gossip From Muscle BeachDick Tyler8
Chris Dickerson, The Rising Star Of Muscle BeachArmand Tanny10
Food Booster For Fast Muscle Gains!Earl Maynard16
Dynamite With "Tensionite" For Sensational LegsChet Yorton18
Popping Questions At Bill PearlDick Tyler22
Latest Results In Top 10 Vote Contest!Jon Twichell26
Incredible But TrueJon Twichell59
The Evolution Of Arm TrainingJoe Weider60
But Look At THem Now!66
Chapter 2, Arthur Saxon Challenges The WorldLeo Gaudreau68
The 8th Wonder Of The World, Larry ScottRick Wayne70
Some Giants Must FallDick Tyler72
Who's Who In America Power LiftingJim Murray74
Ascorb-O-Power For Pillar-Strong Muscles!Harold Poole78
Great News: IFBB Now Promoting Power LiftingBen Weider83
International Weightlifting PanoramaOscar State86
Little Tips For Bigger Totals87
Quick Tips On Increasing Your Grip For Sure Pulling Power88
The American Weightlifting SceneJoe Weider90
IFBB Contest AnnouncementsBud Parker143

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