Mr America, Volume 8 Number 4

Table of Contents

Why You Should Take Up Weight TrainingJoe Weider5
Reports From Our Reaers7
The Paper Champ Who Became Mr America!Dave Draper8
Your Bodybuilding Anatomy Chart11
Test Your Strength And FitnessChuck Sipes13
How To Blast Off For Fast Muscle GainsJoe Weider14
How To Get The Most Out Of Bench TrainingRick Wayne16
But Look At Them Now!Clarence Ross23
Spotlight On Muscle TalkChet Yorton24
Strength Training For Track And FIeldJim Murray26
An Introduction To Competitive WeightliftingRoy Gordon28
Shape Up By Summer With This Complete Bodybuilding CourseLarry Scott34
Little Hints For BUilding Bigger MusclesBill McArdle41
Space-Age Tips For A Slim-Trim BodyEddie Silvestre46
Your Bodybuilding Questions AnsweredHarold Poole66

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