Mr America, Volume 8 Number 7

Table of Contents

Editorial - Do You Really Need Food Supplements?Joe Weider5
Letters To The Editor7
Larry Scott's Success StoryBill McArdle8
Your Bodybuilding Anatomy Chart11
My Favorite Quickie Arm WorkoutDave Draper12
You Can Gain 14 Pounds Of Muscle In The Next Two WeeksJoe Weider16
Flash! Final Election Results Of The Top 10 Bodybuilders ContestJon Twichell18
Does Bodybuilding Increase Your Sexual Strength?Clarence Ross21
The Favorite Shoulders Exercise Of The Champions - Cheating LateralsJoe Weider22
Try This Cut-Down Protein Diet For SlimmingLeo Robert25
Spotlight On Muscle TalkRick Wayne26
How To Avoid Bodybuilding FailuresChuck Sipes28
You Can Still Shape Up For SummerFreddy Ortiz34
But Look At Them Now!40
Will Below-Average Height Hinder My Bodybuilding?Ed Theriault66
Editorial - The Worst Word In The English LanguageDick Tyler5
Letters To The Editors7
How Often Should I Train?Chet Yorton8
Anatomy Page11
Tri-Sets For Building Bigger ArmsBill McArdle12
Hot Weather Menus For Muscle Beach DefinitionLudwig Shusterich15
Spotlight On Muscle Talk16
The Leroy Colbert StoryHarold Poole18
How To Do Sissy SquatsReg Lewis24
IFBB Picture Report - The 1966 IFBB Teenage and Sr Mr Eastern America Contest26
Make Your Chinning Bar Pay Off In Bigger Muscles!Dave Draper28
How To Be A Calorie Miser For Weight GainsRock Stonewall31
Mr America Teenage Weight Calorie Chart32
Your $15 Complete Muscle Building CourseHugo Labra34
But Look At Them Now!Jerry Winick41
The 1966 IFBB Mr Athens Contest48
Your Bodybuliding Questions AnsweredNorman Marks66

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