Mr America, Volume 9 Number 11

Table of Contents

Editorial - American Athletes Uphold The Youth Of The NationJoe Weider7
New Concepts In Strength Development For Track And FieldJohn P Jesse9
The Power PressRichard G Layman12
Chin-Up To A More Muscualr And Athletic BodyChuck Sipes14
How To Use Food Supplements For Athletic SupremacyDave Draper18
Strength Training For SwimmingJim Murray20
The Two-Hands SnatchJoe Weider27
Why Records Are BrokenBen Weider30
Hand And Wrist Strength In AthleticsChuck Cole32
Developing Stamina In AthletesN G Ozolen34
Handbalancing Made EasyEd Theriault38
Iaido - The Art Of Defensive SwordsmanshipDonn Draeger40
Your Athletic Fitness CourseSergio Oliva42
Sports Research CenterJames P Jesse82

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