Mr America, Volume 10 Number 11

Table of Contents

Editorial - A Celebration Of The FleshJay Van Zandt7
Gossip From Muscle BeachDick Tyler8
Mr America's Slim N' Trimmer's Diet ColumnEd Theriault8
Mr America's Personal Advisor9
Mr America Speaks Out On FitnessFrank Zane13
That Flat, Sexy Waist - And How To Get ItJoe Weider14
The Big O - How Important Is It For The Woman?A M Brothman19
Popping Questions At Arnold Schwarzenegger - Mr Universe WinnerDick Tyler23
Fashion In The Swim This SummerDon Peters26
Surfing Can Be SexyDave Draper28
Are You Proud To Look Into Your Mirror?Mike Katz32
What About Protein? Can It Cause Impotence?Saul Lucks36
Desserts That SlimLarry Scott38
How The Astronauts Keep FitChuck Sipes41
Don't Drink, But If You Must Here's How To Keep Trim And Stay SlimBen Weider44
The End Of The Skinny BodyJames R Hanley46
Bill Toomey, Olympic Decathlon Champ, Tells You How He Did ItJim Murray50

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