Mr America, Volume 11 Number 2

Table of Contents

Spotlight On Swingers7
The Slim N' Trimmer's Corner9
Mr America Personal Advisor13
Hips, Hips, Hips Away!Dave Draper14
Don't Be A Casualty Of The Sexual RevolutionSaul Luchs19
George Woods Has Gone Wild After World RecordsDick Tyler23
There's No Business Like Spy BusinessBen Weider26
Mr America Speaks Out On Physical FitnessFrank Zane28
Mr America Invents The Great BodyJoe Weider29
How To Feed Your Body For Pound-A-Day GainsJoe Weider30
Exercises To Turn You Into A SomebodyJoe Weider32
University Tests Prove An End To Skinny Body In 14 DaysJames R Hanley34
Living Proof It Works - Before And After Cases36
Unwed Couples - Can They Live Happily Ever After?A M Brothman38
Row, Row, Row Your Way To Physical FitnessJim Murray40
Which Is The 'Fuzz' For You?Eddie Pulaski43
Savage Terror Bombing Of The Sexiest Legs In HollywoodDick Tyler46
Ivy Isn't Jivy Anymore!Blair Newell51
Sandwich In A Little SexinessLarry Scott54

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