Mr America, Volume 11 Number 3

Table of Contents

Letters To The Editor7
The Slim N' Trimmer's Corner9
Mr America's Personal Advisor13
The Sleek Muscular WaistEd Theriault14
Is Diet Killing Your Sex Life?Robert Bahr19
Mr America's Shape-Up ProgramJoe Weider23
Why You Gain Or Lose WeightJoe Weider24
Weight-Losing MenusJoe Weider26
Econo-Slimming ExercisesJoe Weider28
Your Shape-Up Diet ProgramJoe Weider30
Weight-Gaining MenusJoe Weider32
Jiffy On-The-Spot Muscle Toners35
The Nympho Is A No-NoSaul Lucks36
Are You Destined To Be An Athlete?James R Hanley40
Sex Facts And FanciesRobert Benchley44
The 'Hang 10' CurlBen Weider49
Mr America Speaks Out On FitnessFrank Zane57
Spotlight On SwingersHarry Aronson65

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