Mr America, Volume 11 Number 4

Table of Contents

The Slim N' Trimmer's CornerArnold Schwarzenegger7
Mr America Speaks Out On FItnessFrank Zane9
Sex Facts And FanciesRobert Benchley12
The Medical MuseRobert Bahr15
Mr America's Personal Advisor17
Maijuana And My Sex Life19
Your Great American BodyJoe Weider23
Taking The Mystery Out Of Gaining Or Losing Weight24
An Aerobic Diet For SLimming26
Aerobics - The New Fun Way To Slim 'n Trim28
The Check-Point Charlie Way To Gaining Weight30
Try The Husky Seven For Gaining Weight32
Skin Care - For Tawny Young Tigers On The ProwlSaul Lucks36
She Digs The Muscle, Man!Armand Tanny39
How To Turn A Gift Of Gab Into The Language Of LoveJay Van Zandt40
Happiness Is A Warm Skip RopeArnold Schwarzenegger42
Sin Your Way To SlendernessDon Peters44
What A Weigh To Go!Dave Draper48
You Can Lose Inches And Pounds In Just 14 DaysJames R Hanley52
Spotlight On SwingersHarry Aronson57
Flash Results - Mr America ContestRobert Kennedy78

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