Mr America, Volume 11 Number 6

Table of Contents

Sex Facts And FanciesRobert Benchley7
Mr America Speaks Out On FitnessFrank Zane9
Slim 'N Trimmer's CornerArnold Strong12
The Shoulders Of AtlasDick Tyler14
Is Big Best?Saul Lucks19
Mr America Shape Up ProgramJoe Weider23
Why You Gain Or Lose WeightJoe Weider24
Brawny Foods For Slimming DietersJoe Weider26
The Wheel 'n Deal Circuitine For SlimmingJoe Weider28
The Ski Command Way To Gaining WeightJoe Weider30
Bomber 5 Repetition Movements For Bulk/Massiveness32
Are You Developing A Horseshoe Hairline?Jim West36
The Second Ball Of WaxDick Tyler38
Fashion Favors The V-Taper and The Manly ChestBlair Newell42
The Rape Of Vitamin ADave Draper44
Super-Boy Arms Larry Scott WayBen Weider48
The Medical MuseRobert Bahr53
Mr America's Personal Advisor55
Mr America Swings At These Zingy SpotsRick Wayne88

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