Mr America, Volume 12 Number 11

Table of Contents

Sex Facts And FanciesSaul Lucks7
Fit Like A Jet Pilot In 7 Minutes A Day8
Spotlight On SwingersHarry Aronson12
Eat More And Lose WeightJoe Weider14
Sample Menus For Slimmers16
Hatha Yoga Exercises For Sexual Power19
3 Ancient Hindu ExercisesChuck Sipes28
Good Eating vs Good NutritionBen Weider30
The Medical MuseRobert Benchley33
Kiss Your Way Into A Girl's HeartGeorge Kaye35
Slim 'N Trimmer's CornerDon Peters36
The ABCs Of DrugsFrank Zane41
Is Big Best?Saul Lucks42
Mr America Points The Way To A Fabulous FIgureArnold Schwarzenegger44
Skin Care - Shape It Up!Jim West52
Fashions Are Going To The DickensBlair Newell54

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