Mr America, Volume 13 Number 3

Table of Contents

Sex Facts And FanciesRobert Benchley7
Spotlight On SwingersHarry Aronson9
Mr America's Personal Advisor13
Waist Away This Easy WayFrank Zane14
The LCD Diet Takes Off More Inches Than Pounds!
(Low Carbohydrate Diet)
Ben Weider19
Getting In Shape At 52Armand Tanny24
Why Women Won't Tell Their Husbands What They Want In LoveM Richter29
How To Grow Taller In 6 Easy WaysPaul Bekkelheim30
Turn-on Glasses For Rugged Sex AppealAllen Sewell37
The True Story Of The Macrobiotic Food MenaceJoe Weider39
How To Get Massive Muscles Fast!Gene Mozee43
Slim 'N Trimmer's CornerDon Peters49
Sex And The BodybuilderArmand Tanny53
The Fashion World Of Nature BoyBlair Newell57
The Medical MuseAaron Bronston84
Are You Totally Fit?Aaron Bronston88

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