Muscle Builder, August 1953

Table of Contents

Our Editorial PolicyClarence Ross2
Muscle Builder Success CornerEd Theriault5
Exercise Of The Month - Bench PressAbe Goldberg7
Muscle Builder Of The Month - John GrimekJoe Weider9
The New Grimek - Jack DelingerBarton R Horvath10
Super Sets For a Super ChestClarence Ross14
They Made ItAlan Paivio16
The Easy Way To Neck PowerAlan Stephan18
Here's How You Can Gain WeightFloyd Page20
Muscledom's Most Fabulous Charater - Mac BatchelorEugene M Hanson22
The Flushing PrincipleJoe Weider24
Let's Go Curl CrazyLeo Robert26
Ar You Admired For Your StrengthDr Frederick Tilney28
Calf Development Is No ProblemSteve Reeves30
How 19" Arms Are BuiltReg Park32
A Dream Come True - How Muscle Builder Magazine Was BornJoe Weider34

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