Muscle Builder, December 1953

Table of Contents

EditorialSteve Reeves3
They Made ItEd Theriault5
Muscle Builder Of The Month - Bill PearlCharles A Smith7
These Exercises Build Champions9
Look What's Happening to Elmo SantiagoCharles A Smith11
Never Too Young - Never Too Old To Build MusclesDr Frederick Tilney14
My Favorite Arm ExercisesClarence Ross17
My Favorite Arm ExercisesFloyd Page21
Acrobatic Stunts You Can DoJoe Weider23
My Favorite Arm ExercisesLeo Robert27
New Faces Of The MonthAlan Paivio30
Is Your Training Routine BalancedDavid P Willoughby33
My Favorite Arm ExercisesAlan Stephan35
Your Bodybuilding Problems AnsweredEd Theriault36
My Favorite Arm ExercisesEd Theriault38
Earle Liederman's CornerEarle E Liederman40
Stretch, Stretch, Stretch Your Way to MusclesAbe Goldberg42

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