Muscle Builder, February 1954

Table of Contents

EditorialAlan Stephan3
They Were All WeaklingsEd Theriault5
Muscle Builder Of The Month - Leo SternCharles A Smith7
What The Champions MeasuredDavid P Willoughby9
These Exercises Build Champions11
Look What's Happening to Louis DegniCharles A Smith12
This Can Happen To YouAlan Paivio18
My Muscles Paid OffRicardo Montelban20
My Favorite Chest RoutineClarence Ross23
Skinny - Are They Laughing At You?Joe Weider26
Strecth Your Way To Bigger ArmsAbe Goldberg28
Get BIg, Husky Muscles FastJack Delinger32
Strongman Stunts You Can DoDavid P Willoughby34
Let The Champions Inspire YouBen Weider36
How To Avoid A Cold This WinterA Michael38
Your Bodybuilding Problems SolvedEd Theriault40
Vince Gironda Says - Bodybuilding Is Esier Than Ever BeforeVince Gironda58
Steve Reeves Says - Train For ProprotionSteve Reeves61

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