Muscle Builder, April 1954

Table of Contents

EditorialFloyd Page3
Muscle Builder Of The Month - Jack DelingerCharles A Smith5
These Exercises Build Champions - LeRoy Colbert7
What The Champions MeasuredDavid P Willoughby9
The Enrico Tomas StoryCharles A Smith10
Here's How You Can Build Up Your Skinny BodyDr Frederick Tilney17
Say Goodby To Skinny WeaknessClarence Ross18
Bill Pearl's Arm Specialization RoutineLeo Stern20
This Can Happen To YouAlan Paivio22
Here's Something New In BodybuildingLeo Robert24
Barbell Training Will Work Miracles For YouTony Lanza26
Your Bodybuilding Problems AnsweredEd Theriault28
Strongman Stunts You Can DoFloyd Page32
Secrets Of The ChampionsJoe Weider35
How Well Built Is Your ChestDavid P Willoughby36
You Can Grow TallerAlan Stephan38
Home Training Is BestBen Weider40

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