Muscle Builder, May 1954

Table of Contents

EditorialLeo Robert3
Muscle Builder Of The Month - Steve ReevesCharles A Smith5
They Were All WeaklingsEd Theriault7
These Exercises Build Champions - Jack Delinger9
What The Champions MeasuredDavid P Willoughby11
I Gained 70 Pounds of MuscleBilly Hill13
Get Your Big Muscles NowDr Frederick Tilney16
The Forgotten 'Three' Of BodybuildingClarence Ross19
This Can Happen To YouAlan Paivio23
You Can Chin With One ArmJoe Weider25
Alex Aronis Makes GoodJoe Weider28
Broaden Your Back My Way - Bill PearlLeo Stern31
Is Training Three Times A Week BestBarton R Horvath34
Strongman Stunts You Can DoFloyd Page36
What Weight Training Can Do For YouJack Delinger38
Here's How I Broadened My ShouldersReg Park41

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