Muscle Builder, June 1954

Table of Contents

EditorialJack Delinger3
Muscle Builder Of The Month - George EifermanCharles A Smith5
These Exercises Build Champions - Ed Theriault7
What The Champions MeasuredDavid P Willoughby9
From A Weakling To A He-ManJoe Pocza11
Be Popular On The Beach This SummerDr Frederick Tilney16
Make Those Biceps GrownSteve Reeves18
This Can Happen To YouAlan Paivio22
Control Your Sex DriveA M Brothman24
There's More To Squats Than Just Bending The KneesClarence Ross26
Your Bodybuilding Problems AnsweredEd Theriault29
Is Your Waist Properly ProprotionedDavid P Willoughby30
Build A Grecian TorsoLeo Robert32
Strongman Stunts You Can DoFloyd Page34
How I Built My 50" ChestAlan Stephan37
Isolate Your Work-outs - New Weider PrincipalReg Park38

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