Muscle Builder, August 1954

Table of Contents

EditorialBen Weider3
Muscle Builder Of The Month - Lou DegniCharles A Smith5
These Exercisesx Build Champions - Dominick Juliano7
They Were All Weaklings9
Measurement And Proportion LimitsDavid P Willoughby11
Another Weakling Becomes A He-Man - Ray HarperRuss Warner13
This Can Happen To YouAlan Paivio16
Secrets Of The ChampionsJoe Weider18
These Are The Greatest Triceps ExercisesJoe Weider20
Muscle Building Is My BusinessAbe Goldberg24
Low Leroy Colbert Built His ArmsBarton R Horvath26
My Arm Wrestling BattlesIan "Mac" Batchelor30
He Cheated Death TwiceLeo Robert32
How I Specialized On My Thighs - Bill PearlLeo Stern35
Your Bodybuilding Questions AnsweredEd Theriault38

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