Muscle Builder, September 1954

Table of Contents

EditorialNorman Marks3
They Were All Weaklings5
Muscle Builder Of The Month - Sig KleinCharles A Smith7
Who Has The Biggest Arms?David P Willoughby9
How I Became A He-ManGerard Gougeon11
Cheating Exercises Build The Biggest MusclesLeo Robert14
How The Champs Built Their Broad ShouldersJoe Weider17
This Can Happen To YouAlan Paivio21
Gallery Of Famous European Stars23
How I Specialized On My CalvesBill Pearl26
The Physique Of Negro BodybuildersDavid P Willoughby28
Specializing For Physical PerfectionClarence Ross31
The Mr. Universe "Super Arm" RoutineCharles A Smith33
Meet Royle LangstonBarton R Horvath35
You Can Take Good PicturesRuss Warner37
Your Bodybuilding Problems SolvedEd Theriault38

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