Muscle Builder, January 1955

Table of Contents

EditorialSteve Reeves3
Muscle Builder Of The Month - George PaineCharles A Smith5
Exericse Of The Month - Standing Press - Malcolm Brenner7
They Were All Weaklings9
What Bodybuilding Has Done For MeArt Zeller11
Is It Easier To Build A Perfect Body In CaliforniaBen Weider15
You Can Pose ArtisticallyJoe Weider17
How a 51 1/2 Inch Chest Was BuiltCharles A Smith21
Enjoy A New Way Of Life With A Beautiful BOdyDr Frederick Tilney22
How I Broadened My Shoulders - Bill PearlLeo Stern24
How Well Proportioned Are Your CalvesDavid P Willoughby26
Bodybuilding Changed My LIfe - Jerry RoccoBarton R Horvath29
Wanted 1,000 Readers To Gaine 20 Pounds In One MonthJoe Weider30
Why The Champions Have Favorite ExercisesJoe Weider34

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