Muscle Builder, April 1955

Table of Contents

Joseph Weider As I Know HimSiegmund Klein26a
EditorialAbe Goldberg3
Muscle Builder Salutes - George F JowettCharles A Smith5
They Were All Weaklings7
How Eddie Sylvester Became A ChampionLeo Stern9
How I Think A Mr America Contest Should Be JudgedLudwig Shusterich13
George Eiferman's Muscle Building RoutineEarle E Liederman15
Is It True What They Say About WeiderJoe Weider18
Muscle Building Is My BusinessSiegmund Klein23
Bone Structure vs. Muscular DevelopmentJoe Weider25
The Most Important Article We Ever PublishedJoe Weider26
Recent Advances In The Technique of Progressive Resistance ExerciseI J MacQueen27
Spot SpecializationJoe Weider28
This Can Happen To YouJoe Weider32

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