Muscle Builder, July 1955

Table of Contents

EditorialAlan Stephan3
Muscle Builder Salutes - Billy HillBen Weider5
They Were All Weaklings7
These Exercises Build Champions - Leg Raise - Harry Johnson9
Its A Miracle - Jimmy CarusoJimmy Caruso10
Enter The Most Spectacular Bodybuilding ContestDr Frederick Tilney15
Here's How To Deepen Your ChestJoe Weider16
Make Warm Weather Training Pay OffClarence Ross20
Cheat Your Way To Lifeguard ShouldersLeo Robert22
The Classification of the Human PhysiqueDavid P Willoughby24
Your Legs - Key To Bulk And PowerBarton R Horvath26
Your Bodybuilding Problems SolvedEd Theriault30
He's Going Places - Cecil Addision31
He'll Make A Great InstructorCharles A Smith33
Try This Fascinating Kettle Bell Stunt35

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