Muscle Builder, August 1955

Table of Contents

EditorialBen Weider3
Muscle Builder Salutes - Earle LiedermanCharles A Smith5
These Exercises Build Champions - One Arm Clean - Armand Tanny7
The Reader Speaks9
The 100 Pound Weakling Makes Good - Theseus GeorgeCharles A Smith11
Are You Going To Remain Weak And SkinnyDr Frederick Tilney14
Results Of The Big Weider Weight Gaining Contest16
Try Building An Impressive Chest This WayLudwig Shusterich20
Results Of The Mr. America Contest22
It's Easy To Be A ChampionBarton R Horvath26
He Lost 35 Pounds Of FatBen Weider30
Look Massive And Powerful FastJoe Weider32
Vic Siepke Wins The Jr. Mr. America TitleBob Delmonteque36
They Were All Weaklings38
Your Bodybuilding Problems AnsweredEd Theriault39

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