Muscle Builder, October 1955

Table of Contents

EditorialJoe Weider3
Muscle Builder Salutes - Josh JoshuaJoe Weider5
These Exercises Build Champoins - Two Arm Curl - Julian Dame7
The Reader Speaks9
How I Gained 38 Pounds Of Muscle - Vince PlumeriCharles A Smith10
You Can Be a New Man in One MonthBarton R Horvath14
I'll Mke You Gain WightLeo Robert16
Enter This Big Defintion ContestJoe Weider20
Here Are Your Oblique ExercisesJoe Weider22
The Secret of Developing Muscle and PowerDr Frederick Tilney26
Are You Neglecting Your LatsRichard Alan28
This Can Happen To YouBilly Hill32
Try This Fascinating Barbell Stunt34
They Were All Weaklings35

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