Muscle Builder, January 1956

Table of Contents

EditorialJack Delinger3
Muscle Builder Salutes - Leo RobertJoe Weider5
Exercise Of The Month - The Squat - Georges Boulanger7
The Reader Speaks9
The Stringbean Who Became A ChampionTorre Larson11
I'm Going To Improve My BodyDr Frederick Tilney14
Super Set Your Way To Massive ArmsLeo Robert17
Developing Dynamic EnergyJoe Weider20
How Champions Train on Bench PressBarton R Horvath22
I Saw Joe Weider Train Reg ParkMilton Eder27
Here's How I Built My Mr. Universe ChestMickey Hargitay28
This Can Happen To YouBilly Hill30
Verun's Virle V-ManBen Weider31
Can Muscles Be BUilt Too FastGeorge Arnold, Charles A Smith32
They Were All Weaklings34

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