Muscle Builder, February 1956

Table of Contents

EditorialLeo Robert3
Muscle Builder Salutes - Leo TherrienJoe Weider5
These Exercises Build Champions7
They Were All Weaklings9
The Reader Speaks11
How I Gained 50 Pounds of MuscleMarcel Masson13
Will You Be Well Built This SummerDr Frederick Tilney16
Here's How I Built My 18 Inch ArmsMickey Hargitay18
Work Down To Build Muscle UpClarence Ross21
Do They Call You Chicken NeckCharles A Smith22
Every Bodybuilder Should Practice The Three LiftsSam Povill26
The Three Lifts Are Not Necessary For Power And MuscleJoe Weider29
Definition - The Hall Mark Of The ChampEnrico Tomas30
This Can Happen To YouBilly Hill34
Your Bodybuilding Problems AnswersEd Theriault35

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