Muscle Builder, May 1956

Table of Contents

EditorialBen Weider3
Muscle Builder SalutesCharles A Smith5
It Happened 30 Years Ago7
They Were Weaklings9
The Reader Speaks11
Bodybuilding Snatched John Francis From DeathJosh Joshua12
Be A Man Among MenDr Frederick Tilney16
The Sammy Berg StoryEarle E Liederman18
Little Hints For Building Muscle20
7 Steps To Gaining WeightBill Pearl22
What Is Your Iron Game I.Q.?25
The Joe Weider I KnowMickey Hargitay26
Your Bodybuilding Problems AnsweredEd Theriault28
How Vic Seipke Built His ChestBob Delmonteque29
How Do You Rate?Joe Weider32
This Can Happen To YouBilly Hill34
Golden Dozen For Massive BicepsCharles A Smith35
Classical Weightlifting66

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