Muscle Builder, July 1956

Table of Contents

EditorialMickey Hargitay3
Muscle Builder Salutes - John LeonardJoe Weider5
It Happened 16 Years Ago7
They Were All Weaklings9
The Reader Speaks11
How I Gained 60 Pounds of Muscle Malcolm Brenner13
Stop Starving Your MusclesDr Frederick Tilney16
Skinn! Here's How To Gain WeightMickey Hargitay19
Little Hints For Building Bigger MusclesBarton R Horvath22
The Story Of The World's Greatest Bodybuilders - Clarence Ross24
Report - Weider Pupil Of The Month Contest27
Unusual Exercise Of The MonthJoe Weider28
What Is Your Iron Game I.Q.?29
Favorite Exercises Of The StarsBarton R Horvath30
Don't Neglect Summer TrainingAbe Goldberg32
The GOlden Dozen For The ThighsCharles A Smith34
How Do You Rate?Joe Weider66

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