Muscle Builder, August 1956

Table of Contents

EditorialJohn Leonard3
Muscle Builder Salutes - Bill PearlCharles A Smith5
What Is Your Iron Game I.Q.?7
The Reader Speaks9
I Gained 58 Pounds Of MuscleRichard Albert10
Something New In Muscle ContestsPhil Kriegler14
Here's How 19" Upper Arms Are BuiltAbe Goldberg17
It Happened 25 Years Ago19
Behind The Scenes of Mr. AmericaAbe Goldberg21
8 Easy Steps To PowerMickey Hargitay23
Unusual Exercise Of The MonthJoe Weider25
The 85 Pound Weakling Who Became A Giant of PowerMaylen Wiltse27
How Do You Rate?Joe Weider28
Eddie Sylveter's Chest RoutineLeo Stern29
You;re Never Too Old To ExerciseDick Falcon32
His Legs Are SensationalEarle E Liederman34
They Were All Weaklings66

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