Muscle Builder, September 1956

Table of Contents

EditorialLeo Paul Therrien3
Muscle Builder Salutes - Art EhmanCharles A Smith5
What Is Your Iron Game I.Q.?7
The Reader Speaks9
Load Your Chest With GIant-Sized MuscleLeo Robert11
Muscle Monopoly - Loprinzi FamilyIan "Mac" Batchelor15
How Do You Rate?Joe Weider17
Thicken and Broaded Your Back FastJohn Leonard19
Is Waist Exercise 'Waste' ExerciseEarle E Liederman20
I Turned 180 Pounds of Flab Into MuscleJohnny Walsh22
Unusual Exercise Of The MonthJoe Weider25
It Happened 28 Years Ago26
Smash That Weight Gaining Sticking PointJack Delinger27
The Favorite Exercise Of The ChampionsBarton R Horvath30
Little Hints For Building Bigger MusclesBarton R Horvath32
Weider Really Gives Results34
Your Bodybuilding Questions AnsweredEd Theriault35
They Were All Weaklings66

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