Muscle Builder, January 1957

Table of Contents

Muscle Builder Salutes - Mac BatchelorCharles A Smith5
What is your Iron Game I.Q.?Billy Hill7
The Reader Speaks9
How I Trained To Win Jr Mr Ameirca TitleHarry Johnson, Karo Whitfield10
Concentrate, Concentrate, ConcentrateRay Schaefer14
The Complete Development of The Biceps MuscleBarton R Horvath17
Muscle Giant From The MountainsBen Weider20
Have A Strength Contest With George EifermanBarton R Horvath21
Building Body Power With The Bent PressBert Elliott22
Wake Up The Giant Power Within YouDr Frederick Tilney25
Strength Quadrupled In Twelve Short MonthsWilliam Chalut26
How Bob Hinds Developed His Muscles30
How To Be Popular With GirlsRejane Robert31
Dynamic StrengthMickey Hargitay33
They Were All Weaklings74

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