Muscle Builder, February 1957

Table of Contents

EditorialRay Schaefer3
Muscle Builder Salutes - Bert ElliotCharles A Smith5
What Is Your Iron Game I.Q.?7
The Reader Speaks9
Complete Development Of The PectoralsJoe Weider10
New Angles In PosingAbe Goldberg14
An Open Letter To Clarence JohnsonBarton R Horvath18
He Made It The Easy WayJimmy Caruso20
Check-Up Time For Bigger MusclesDr Frederick Tilney22
A Streamlined TorsoGeorge Eiferman25
The Light That Leads The WayBill McCormick27
They're Going Places Fast29
The Principles of Physical ProportionRay Schaefer31
Forearm Building Is EasyJerry Ross32
Have A Contest With Jack DelingerBarton R Horvath34
They Were All Weaklings74

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