Muscle Builder, May 1957

Table of Contents

EditorialEnrico Tomas3
Muscle Builder Salutes - Charles CosterBarton R Horvath5
What's Your Bodybuilding I.Q.?Ben Weider7
The Reader Speaks9
Norman TousleyBob Delmonteque11
Giant-Sized Muscles, FastRay Schaefer14
Super Triceps RoutinesCharles Coster17
Introducing Doug Strohl21
Here's Why I Went WeiderGeorge Eiferman23
Answering John Grimek24
Giant Weight Gaining ContestJoe Weider27
California's Big Arms30
Be An All-American He-ManDr Frederick Tilney33
Health Food Store Of The MonthBernard Bedrick50
They Were All Weaklings74

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