Muscle Builder, June 1957

Table of Contents

EditorialCharles Coster3
Muscle Builder Salutes - Bernard BedrickBarton R Horvath5
What's Your Iron Game I.Q.?7
The Reader Speaks9
A Sculptured Mid-SectionBarton R Horvath11
The Runt Who Became A Hercules - Leo DufresneRuss Warner15
Weider Pupils Do It AgainTony Lanza17
An Open Letter To Carl HansenBarton R Horvath18
Have A Strength Contest With Bob HindsBarton R Horvath19
How Malcolm Brenner Developed His Chest20
Dieting For DefinitionAbe Goldberg23
New Angles In TrainingGeorge Eiferman24
Rest - The Key To Bigger MusclesRay Schaefer27
So You Think You Are StrongGeorge F Jowett28
He Gained 55 Pounds Fast - Morris Nathan30
Is Your Mind Making You A Failure31
The House That Joe Built32
Joe Weider's ConquestGeorge F Jowett33
They Were All Weaklings34
Health Food Store Of The MonthBernard Bedrick74

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