Muscle Builder, July 1957

Table of Contents

EditorialBen Weider3
Muscle Builder Salutes - George PaineBarton R Horvath5
What's Your Iron Game I.Q.?Ben Weider7
The Reader Speaks9
The Stringbean Who Became A Sensation - Eddie WellerBob Delmonteque10
The Spaced Protein Method For Gaining WeightJoe Weider15
Your Complete Bodybuilding CourseRay Schaefer16
Thought Power and Successful BodybuildingDr Frederick Tilney20
The Strongest Man Who Ever Lived - Louis CyrJack Delinger22
The Jack Delinger's25
So You Think You're Fit?Richard Alan28
The Might 4 For A Mighty ChestLeo Robert30
Learn From My MistakeGeorge Eiferman32
You're As Strong As Your Weakest LinkClarence Ross35
The Mr. Universe Pot Keeps BoilingDelmar Pickles36
Health Food Store Of The MonthBernard Bedrick39
They Were All Weaklings74

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