Muscle Builder, August 1957

Table of Contents

EditorialJack Delinger3
Muscle Builder Salutes - Richard AlanBarton R Horvath5
What's Your Bodybuilding I.Q.?Ben Weider7
The Reader Speaks9
Steve WengrynHal Warner11
Overcome Your Muscular Weak-LinksRay Schaefer14
A Hearculean Lower BackBarton R Horvath17
Mickey and Jane Have A Ball19
The Fabulous 4 For Lifeguard ShouldersGeorge Eiferman20
Leroy Colbert's ConquestBen Weider22
Tips For Gaining WeightHal Warner26
How The Champions Blitz Their Calves28
What It Takes To Build Big MusclesDr Frederick Tilney30
Bob Stack Is Stacked33
The Magic 3 For Might WristsIan "Mac" Batchelor35
They Were All Weaklings36
Health Food Store Of The MonthMaurice Shefferman39
Your Bodybuilding Problems AnsweredEd Theriault74

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