Muscle Builder, October 1957

Table of Contents

EditorialRay Schaefer3
Muscle Builder Salutes - Bob Walker5
What's Your Bodybuilding I.Q.?Ben Weider7
The Reader Speaks9
A He-Man Upper Back Fast11
The Man Who Refused To DieJimmy Caruso14
It's Getting To Be A Habit18
A Strong Case In Favor Of WeightsDr Frederick Tilney21
Muscle CapersEarle E Liederman22
Win $5,000Bob Delmonteque25
He Lifted One Million PoundsBilly Hill27
What I Think of the Willoughby StandardJoe Weider28
You Can Chin With One Hand30
They Were All Weaklings33
Health Food Store Of The MonthBernard Bedrick74

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