Muscle Builder, November 1957

Table of Contents

EditorialClarence Ross3
Muscle Buidler Salutes - Bert Goodrich5
What's Your Bodybuilding I.Q.?Ben Weider7
The Reader Speaks9
The Greatest Show On Earth - Mr U.S.A. 1957Russ Warner, Bob Delmonteque11
So You're Not A Skinny WeaklingJimmy Caruso14
Stubborn Forearms Do Not ExistCharles Coster17
The Biceps - King Of MuscledomLeroy Colbert20
The Man On The Flying TrapezeHal Warner22
Here's How Mr. Canada Developed hist ChestJimmy Caruso24
What The Weight Trainer Should EatRichard Alan27
Magnificent ShouldersGeorge F Jowett29
Weight Training Is The Key To Athletic AbiltityGeorge Eiferman33
Doubles For John JulianRuss Warner, Bob Delmonteque36
Health Food Store Of The MonthBernard Bedrick38
They Were All Weaklings72

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