Muscle Builder, March 1959

Table of Contents

EditorialJoe Weider3
World Wide Weightlifting RoundupOscar State5
Questions And Answers7
Michael Cook...The MagnificentBen Weider9
Make Cables A Must In Your Training RoutineArmand Tanny12
How I Developed My ArmsJim Park15
Helpful Hints On Gaining WeightA M Brothman17
Get Living Muscles With Living FoodsDr Frederick Tilney19
Ultimate In Leg Power - Try Harness LiftsCharles Coster20
A Visit With Joe Weider That Changed My LifeClem Poechman23
The Weider Principle Of Sets And RepetitionsE M Orlick25
Pictures That Made Bodybuilding HistoryCharles Coster26
Let's Gossip26
Highlights From The Past27
The Weider "Short-Range Cheating-Power Principle"Joe Weider28
Stockholm World ChampionshipsCharles Coster30

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