Muscle Builder, April 1959

Table of Contents

EditorialJoe Weider3
You're Just 3 Steps Away From A He-Man Physique!Joe Weider5
Fight Winter Colds With Vitamin DA M Brothman7
The Circus Strongman Was A WeaklingBen Weider9
Start Heavy And Finish Light!Charles Coster13
You Can Learn These Specatcular StuntsE M Orlick14
Build "Barndoor" Lats With "Whipcord" DefinitionAlan Stephan16
Let's Gossip20
Pictures That Made Bodybuildign History - Steve Reeves21
Hightlights Of The Past21
Dandurand The GreatIan "Mac" Batchelor23
The Basic Five - Still The Unbeatable Combination!Pierre Brunet27
How To Break Your Snatch RecordJim Murray30
For Really Rugged Workouts, Deep-Breathing Is VitalJoe Weider32
Let's Play 2135
Stockholm World Lifting TournamentCharles Coster36

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