Muscle Builder, May 1959

Table of Contents

EditorialJoe Weider3
Pictures That Made Bodybuilding History5
Highlights Of The Past7
Mac Talks BackIan "Mac" Batchelor9
A Bulking Binge For a Brawnier BodyClement Desjardins10
Barbell or Dumbbells, Is One Expendable?Leroy Colbert14
Tough guys In The Bad Old Days!Leo Gaudreau16
What's Happening to the Olympic Press?Charles Coster18
An Eagle's Grip and Forearms of Heroic Size!Joe Weider22
Amaze Your Friends With These Thrilling StuntsE M Orlick26
Let's Gossip!28
Bob Walker's Amazing Legs!Clarence Ross30
Training For The Triple-Bodyweight Clean and JerkJoe Weider34
Exercise Of The Month - The SquatJoe Weider66

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