Muscle Builder, June 1959

Table of Contents

EditorialJoe Weider3
From The World Of StrengthIan "Mac" Batchelor5
Formula RatingsCharles Coster7
Let's Gossip9
Champion In Spite Of Himself - Ernie LopezBen Weider12
Championship Muscle Definition Can Be YoursHal Warner17
The Weider Tri-Set System Is For ChampionsJoe Weider18
What You Can Effect In Muscle Gains In One MonthJoe Weider22
Exciting Stunts You Can Learn To DoE M Orlick24
Power-Pack Your Arms, Chest, Shoudlers And Back!Joe Weider26
Don't Get Mad, Just Start Training!Dr Frederick Tilney28
The Weider Peak-Contraction PrincipleE M Orlick30
How Bodybuilding Can Make You A Better AthleteE M Orlick34
Highlights Of The PastCharles Coster56

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