Muscle Builder, July 1959

Table of Contents

EditorialJoe Weider3
World-Wide Weightlifting ReviewOscar State5
Pictures That Made Bodybuilding HistoryEd Theriault6
Lifting PhotosCharles Coster9
Bob McCune, The Man With The 20-Inch Arms!Charles Coster10
Build Classical Abdominals With The Tri-Set SystemJoe Weider14
Build He-Man Muscles By SummerDr Frederick Tilney16
How To Overcome Your Faiulres In The Shoulder JerkJoe Weider18
Bodybuilding In Red ChinaBen Weider21
The Weider Split-Routine PrincipleE M Orlick23
Let's Gossip!25
Build Your Thighs To Their Zenith of Power And Size!Joe Weider26
Liquid Foods For Flawless Skin and Spectacular Muscularity!Eddie Silvestre28
1959 World Ranking ListsOscar State, K A Sherer30
How We Illustrate A Weider CourseStanley Weston32
They Call Him The "Enertol Kid"Ben Weider66

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