Muscle Builder, February 1960

Table of Contents

EditorialJoe Weider3
World-Wide Weightlifting ReviewOscar State5
Photos That Made Bodybiulding History - Alan Stephan7
Hightlights Of The Past9
George Orlando - The Man Whose Muscles Have Muscles!Leroy Colbert10
Let's Gossip14
Meet China's Fabulous Chen Tse Kai!Ben Weider17
Make Your Chest A Fortress Of MightEarl Maynard19
Don't Let A "Giantism" Complex Ruin Your Mr America PhysiqueJoe Weider22
How To Train Progressively On The Three Olympic LiftsCharles Coster24
The Seven Basic Muscle-Building FoodsE M Orlick26
Here's A Challenging Handbalancing TrickE M Orlick28
Unlocked SquatsEd Theriault30
Russia Prepares A New Generation Of WeightliftersBen Weider32
Exercise Of The Month - Forearm Leverage MovementJoe Weider35
Tough Guys In The Bad Old DaysLeo Gaudreau36
More Formula FactsCharles Coster66

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