Muscle Builder, June 1960

Table of Contents

EditorialJoe Weider3
Worldwide Weightlifting ReviewOscar State5
Photos That Made Bodybuilding history - Siegmund KleinCharles Coster7
Hightlights Of The PastCharles Coster9
Let's Gossip!10
From Cripple To Champion In 5 Short MonthsEd Theriault12
I Watched Arthur Saxon LiftEarle E Liederman15
Mr Eastern America Reveals His Secrets Of Championship AbdominalsGeorge Orlando16
More Formula FactsCharles Coster19
The 1959 World Weightlifting ChampionshipsOscar State20
Eat More Fruit For Bigger Muscles And Better HealthLeo Robert25
You Can Build A Brawnier BackEarl Maynard26
Amazing Lifting Records Of 1959Charles Coster28
The Golden Age Of StrongmenLeo Gaudreau31
Mental Causes Of Fatigue And How To Conquer ThemE M Orlick32
Walking Upstairs On Your HandsE M Orlick34

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