Muscle Builder, July 1960

Table of Contents

World-Wide Weightlifting ReviewOscar State5
Photos That Made Bodybuilding History - Steve ReevesCharles Coster7
Highlights From The PastCharles Coster9
Meet Mr Philippines!Ed Theriault10
Build Terrific Triceps With This Great TrickE M Orlick14
World Weightlifting ChampinshipsOscar State17
Present World Records On The Three Olympic LiftsCharles Coster19
How To Attack Those Hard-To-Get-At AbdominalsEddie Silvestre20
Let's Gossip!23
Mammoth Mr Universe - Mr America Contest!26
Our Yearly Weightlifting RoundupCharles Coster29
Twin Super-sets Plus A Strict Definition Diet Built My Mr Eastern America Deltoids!George Orlando30
Five Amazing Muscle-Building FoodsLeo Robert33
Build Bigger Muscles With THese Exciting Tumbling Stunts!E M Orlick34
Mr America Turns The Tables!Chuck Sipes66

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