Muscle Builder, August 1960

Table of Contents

EditorialJoe Weider3
Worldwide Weightlifting ReviewOscar State5
I'll Show The World I'm The Greatest Presser!Doug Hepburn7
There's One In Every GymGord Venables9
Take An Upper-Body Workout With Chuck CollrasSam Calhoun10
Try This Challenging TrickE M Orlick12
Why Wheat Germ Builds Bigger MusclesLeo Robert14
Mental Barriers That Hinder Olympic Lifting Progress!Joe Weider17
Let's Gossip!18
How I Developed My Mr Eastern America Legs!George Orlando20
More Formula FactsCharles Coster23
Emotional Stress, Your Greatest Muscle-Building EnemyJoe Weider24
Combine Split-Snatching With The Squat For Terrific Snatch TotalsJoe Weider26
The Weider System Of Forced RepsClarence Ross28
Dumbbell Curls Are Best For The Advanced Bodybuilder!Leroy Colbert30
Is Rudolf Plyukfelder The World's Greatest LifterCharles Coster32
Hugo Labra Takes The 1960 Mr Los Angeles Title66

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